Secured Holostrip Paper

Secured Holostrip Paper

The Paper

Holographic strip paper features a tamper-proof holographic strip with customized information to ensure high visibility and security of the document. Holographic strip is a highly effective type of DOVID (Diffractive Optically Variable Image Device) that is used as a security element for vital documents/papers.


The Holostrip with overprinting, serial number and other coded information are clearly visible on the Holostrip paper. The color of the Holostrip changes when its position is altered. 3D holograms on the strip offer a vivid three dimensional perspective of images on the strip.


  • Coupons
  • Emission and reimbursement for coupons
  • Lottery tickets and raffle tickets
  • Notary products and certificates of property
  • Civil Certificates
  • Vehicle Certificates
  • Certificates for voting ballots
  • Fiscal stamps
  • Diplomas
  • Security tickets
  • Security forms
  • Security rolls
  • Paper license plates
  • Brand protection products and RFID products for governmental
  • Financial and commercial organisations
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