Introducing InfiDura

Known for its Tear proof, Water Resistant and Low Ink Consumption features. Besides which InfiDura can last for over 100 years and has an exceptional shade permanence. Let’s find out more in the video


Water-proof and Tear resistant paper

InfiDura Tear Proof and Water Resistant Paper is specially designed and made for those who have a requirement of preserving documents and archival needs for over 100 years. The papers are made with exceptional technology which ensures durability of the highest magnitude. Moreover, the finished products go through a stress-test to examine its performance under extreme conditions therefore making the product a high quality product.

The Infidura has the feature of Shade Permanence which means it’s manufactured without brightening or whitening agent. Infidura also accommodates High Quality Digital Printing and that makes it the paper for the future. At Infinity we have provided InfiDura Papers to clients across India therefore serving and helping them preserve documents for generations to come.

  • Advantages :
    Waterproof, Tear Resistant, 100+ Years, Good Print Quality
  • Applications: Documents for Property Registrations, Agreement Documents, Bank Account Applications, Layout Records, Engineering Drawings, Surveyors Documentations, Any Documents that need to be preserved for a long period of time.
  • GSM: