Photo Protection Overlay

Photo Protection Overlay

The Film

Photo Protection Overlay is an ultra violet security film used for data protection. The film helps safeguard signatures on documents from tampering. It is a valuable security feature, especially for the base data page of documents which are most vulnerable to tampering.

Film Specifications

140 microns coated on one side (60 Micron Film & 80 Micron Coating)


The hidden text on the film can be read with UV-enabled lamp. The ultra thin film cannot be peeled off from the paper without tearing/damaging the fabric. In the event of a forgery attempt, the print on the film will be distorted or displaced randomly by over 80% on the paper thus ensuring easy detection of the fraud.


  • Bank Pass Books
  • Land Documents Pass Books
  • ID Cards
  • Driving Licenses
  • Brand Protection (Pharma | FMCG)
  • Excise security labels
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