Infinity Certificate Paper

Infinity Certificate Paper

The Paper

The Infinity Certificate Paper is ideal for printing of important documents / Certificates. The paper has high tear resistance, enables excellent print quality, is compatible with all printing applications and enjoys an exceptionally long shelf life of over 100 Years.


Customized Embedded Security Features: Visible, Invisible UV fibers, Nanoparticles, Invisible UV dots, Multicolor Embedded Image Marks etc.,

The Features

  • High Tear Resistance
  • Water Resistance and Fungus Resistance
  • Excellent print quality
  • High folding count
  • Punched paper holding
  • Dimensional stability under extreme weather conditions
  • Compatible with all printing applications


  • Educational Certificates
  • Mark Sheets
  • Certificates & Documents issued at e-Service Centers
  • Revenue Labels
  • Certificate issuing Agencies
  • Transport department permits / license
  • Compatible with all printing applications

Available in Sheet Form & Reel Form

125 GSM to 300 GSM

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