Introducing InfiLope

Safe and sturdy envelopes are the preference when couriering important documents and articles. Infilope offers tear and water proof protection for your items ensuring your parcel reaches the recipient in pristine condition . Let’s find out more in the video :


Water-proof and Tear resistant envelopes

Envelopes are perhaps the most significant factor in ensuring the safety and security of documents. Most often while couriering where the documents are transported to multiple places the envelopes have to be sturdy and strong to ensure the safety. In order to address this wide and significant requirement, at Infinity we produce the InfiLope which is tear resistant, water-resistant and has a high-weight load and is environmentally unsusceptible.

  • Advantages :
    - High quality Tear resistance
    - Water-Tight and Air Tight Packaging
  • GSM:
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