Introducing InfiLabel

InfiLabel - Self Adhesive Papers serve a very important and specific purpose of labeling in sectors such as FMCG, Automotive, Supply Chain Management, to name a few and therefore our range is designed with excellent adhesive tack, high-speed die-cutting and sharp printing results. Let’s find out more in the video


Self Adhesive Labels

At Infinity Security Papers, we understand the importance and purpose of Label papers. Infilabels delivers professional print quality in terms of excellent image contrast, clarity & sharpness. The InfiLabel range are excellent in adhesion, high tack, capable of high speed printing and die cutting and can be designed for resistance to extreme climatic conditions. The label papers are high quality self adhesive stickers of 3500 MT per annum production and uses both water based and hot melt adhesive technologies.

  • Products Offered :
    InfiLabel – Roll and Sheet Form and A4 Office Addressing Labels

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