Customized Security Papers

Customized Security Papers

The Paper

Embedded Multi Color Image Mark Paper with Alternative Color Platter Visibility under Angled Light Ray Source:

Paper is being manufactured utilizing a system wherein the, Logo is made visible as per defined percentage of color visibility based on the angle of entry of light source through the paper. The average visibility contrast percentage against provided artwork is set at 30% (placed on flat surface) and 70% (average angled light ray entry) for the manufacturer.

The Embedded multi color Image will not be replicated via photocopying and scanning due to the embedding of the artwork color platter within the substance therefore, negating the angled light ray color contrast visibility. The same cannot be created in the same form of a multi tone watermark using a dandy as watermarking cannot be done using required colors.

Other Advantages

  • Paper Manufactured with 100% virgin Paper with Assured Shelf Life of 50 Years
  • High Resistance to Tear and High Folding Count
  • High Water Resistance
  • Embedded Invisible & Visible fibers
  • Embedded Multi Color Image Mark Paper features offers enables enhanced security for documents of value. The embedded image mark as security feature is a superior option as compared to embedded watermark.


The embedded image mark paper is High Tear and Water Resistant. As an overt security feature, the image mark can be easily seen and is distinctly visible when viewed against a source of light. Importantly, while watermarks may not offer optical consistency when printed in large numbers as the ink tends to vary in depth with more impressions, the image mark is clearly visible with consistent print clarity.


  • E-Covers and Inlays
  • Identification Cards
  • Passport Data Page
  • University Certificates
  • Passport Booklets
  • Driving Licenses
  • Health Cards
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Insurance Bonds
  • all types of tags etc.,
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