Our InfiCoat range is built with coated paper products of various kinds for specialty and security applications. The 500 MT per annum machine can undertake various kinds of fluorescent, metallic, clay, pigment,gum and other similar coatings to provide value added solutions for our customers. Our technology enables a unilateral printing surface while also offering strong efficiency and crisp production.

- We Produce Specialty Coated Papers and Security Coated Papers
- Coated Fluorescent, Colour and Black Paper
- Security Papers such as Coated and Gummed Papers for Stamp Applications

  • Advantages :
    - Stands the rigours of environment - Supports gloss and colours extensively - High Folding Count to withstand repeated bending and folding
  • Applications: Photo ID Cards, Brochures, Files and Folders, Menu, Luggage Tags, Catalogs, Credit Card Jackets, Business Cards, Book Covers, Calendars, Airline Boarding Passes, Tickets, Etc